Rules at our vacation resort


 The following rules apply to Lodge for your protection, and safety, so  that everyone may have an enjoyable and memorable stay. We are happy to  have you stay with us and we hope you come again!

Our lodge is smoke free.  Smoking is permitted outside of the lodge. Please dispose of your remnants appropriately.

No littering on Frontier Lodge property.

No profanity excessive drinking or obnoxious behavior.

Positively no alcohol consumption by minors or any other illegal activity will be permitted in or outside the lodge.

Please consider your neighbor.  No loud parties or loud music without prior approval. No Live bands without prior approval.

No  ATVs, dirt bikes or similar vehicles allowed absolutely no driving  vehicles outside of parking and driveway area.  Driving and parking in  front of lodge only. 

No pets permitted in or out of the lodge

We  furnish Firewood for woodstove inside only.  Please inquire about  outside burning in fire pit before using. We do not furnish wood for  this.

No discharging of firearms or fireworks on lodge property.

No  swimming allowed in pond or getting on ice when frozen. Pond is stocked  with catfish and fishing is permitted for our guest. Catch and release  only at this time please..

Please watch children closely as you are responsible for their actions as well as your guests.

Garbage  & Trash: We ask that our guests please help us with trash/garbage.  It is extremely important that garbage and trash be disposed of properly  so you do not attract wild animals. Guests will find garbage cans in  the garbage area. All boxes should be broken down and stored between the  garbage cans as boxes have a tendency to use up valuable garbage space.  All trash must be in kitchen garbage bags, removed from the house and  disposed of prior to departure. Guests will be charged an excess trash  fee. which is defined as anything that will not fit in the garbage cans  that are allotted for your stay. Excess fees will apply to trash that is  disposed of loose not in kitchen trash bags. We will work with you on  longer stays and group visits. Please inquire before check in.

Please  note: This property is privately owned. You are responsible for any  damage or losses we incur during your stay. We reserve the right to  refuse service to anyone. Please be accurate on the amount of people  accessed at your get together if more people attend than what is agreed  upon they will be charged extra. We do monitor this so please be  accurate. We are not responsible for the loss of money, or valuables.  Violation or failure to comply with any of these rules may result in  forfeiture of your deposit and/or eviction from the lodge. We have the  right, by law, to evict anyone for noncompliance with no credit or  refund and fully recover of any and all damages. Early Cancellations  will result in no refund unless lodge is rented out to someone else for  those dates booked. The earlier we know this the faster we can rebook.  No refund for early departures No refunds for one night stays.

We are not responsible for accidents and/or injury in or around the lodge or on our premises. Please be careful.